Meaningful Relationships, Meaningful Work with KFG Managing Partner, Bob Dopke

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After 29 years in the industry, KFG Managing Partner, Bob Dopke, thought he had seen it all.. and then 2020 hit. If there is one word to describe the past year that has become a bit trite but really encapsulates everything that has happened it is “unprecedented.”

The global pandemic caused many to take a look at changes that needed to be made in their lives and businesses and, Brandon and Bob were no different. This led to merging practices and Kennedy Financial Group to dig into our “why.” The focus became partnership and a dedication to helping our clients live their best and most fulfilling financial lives. More than ever, we are proud of the meaningful relationships and meaningful work we do each day.

If “unprecedented” was 2020’s word of the year, we are making “teamwork” 2021’s.

Who is Bob? What does this merger mean for our clients?

Being forced to confront some hard questions in 2020 was not an experience unique to Kennedy Financial Group President, Brandon Kennedy, and Managing Partner, Bob Dopke.  In spite of knowing each other for over 20 years and working in the same office for almost half of that time, at the start of 2020, Bob and Brandon were sharing an office space, some staff, and not much else. Over time, they began to realize the same questions were on their mind-

“Are we truly doing everything we can to best serve our clients?”

“If something happens to me, are my clients protected?”

This revelation led to the the realization that as strong as they were apart, their clients would only benefit from receiving a more team-focused approach. With that in mind, Bob joined Kennedy Financial Group as Managing Partner and Wealth Advisor.

How did we find our “Why?”

With the renewed vision and dedication that came with the structure of the new team approach also came a determination to really dig into why Kennedy Financial Group exists as a firm. The resounding answer was

We exist to help people live their best and most fulfilling financial life.

This statement guides everything the firm does from our dedication to client care to our focus on stewardship. KFG wants money to serve a greater purpose in our and our clients lives.

The firm has a passion for the protection of our clients. The current buzzword in the financial industry is “fiduciary” and what this really boils down to is acting in the best interest of the people you serve. This philosophy shapes the way we help our clients and guides us as we focus on building long-term relationships with the families we help.

What does it mean “to act as a guide?”

At Kennedy Financial Group, the meaningful relationships we build with our clients drives the meaningful work we do each day. It is our mission to guide people on their financial journey with a clear process to help them strive to achieve what is most important to them. We do this through our 3-Step Guided Wealth Process where we:

  1. Discover – We start by listening intently to what matters most to you. We want to uncover and understand your hopes, dreams and challenges so that we can build a plan that is tailored to your goals.
  2. Guide – We create a personal wealth plan which acts as the road map toward your financial success. Our team customizes goals-based solutions then walks you through a clear, next step action plan that we will help you implement.
  3. Engage- Once your plan is in place, our team’s focus is on serving you through ongoing personal and timely eduction. We actively adjust your plan in response to changing markets, tax laws, goals, objectives and what is happening in your life.

Our team prides itself on our relationship focused team approach to serving our clients. Getting to know you and your family personally is what love to do. Schedule a call with our team today!


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The information provided here is for general information only and should not be considered an individualized recommendation or personalized investment advice.

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