Facts Over Fear: 2020 Election

Brandon Kennedy Tips for Your Money

As the election quickly approaches, it is easy to look at the divide in our country and feel uneasy about both the state of the Union and the state of the financial markets. While it’s tempting to be swayed by the news and become convinced that “if ______ wins, this will mean the end of financial stability in this country”, we want to remind you- the four most dangerous words when it comes to watching the market are “this time it’s different.”

Estate Planning 101: The Basics

Guest Author Tips for Your Money

October is Estate Planning Awareness Month, and to help our clients make sure their estate plans are in order, we have asked Betsey Rubel, PLLC to share some estate planning basics.

Betsey Rubel is an attorney and owner of Elisabeth J. Rubel , a small law firm committed to providing expert legal services to Michigan families with integrity, personal attention, and excellent customer service.

Talking Health Insurance with Mike Butler

Lauren Kukawinski Tips for Your Money

Healthcare is a daunting but important topic. And, with open enrollment quickly approaching, for many people it is top of mind. Because of this, Brandon sat down with Mike Butler, Insurance Agent at Rick Young Insurance.

Making the Most of Low Interest Rates

Lauren Kukawinski Tips for Your Money

At present, interest rates are low- like really low. In July, the Washington Post stated that the 30-year fixed mortgage rate sank to a record low for the third time in four weeks. But what does this mean for you and your money? What should you do with these lower rates?

Save, Spend and Give this School Year

Lauren Kukawinski Tips for Your Money

As the final weeks of summer are winding down, many families are left facing a multitude of unknowns when it comes to going back to school this year. Parents and educators alike are left with some tough choices and most have only a vague idea of what this school year will look like. Fortunately, one of the things we can be sure about is our money and what we do with it.

Michigan Auto Insurance Reform Have You Confused? This May Help!

Lauren Kukawinski Tips for Your Money

The recent Michigan Auto Insurance Reform left a lot of us asking some important questions:  “Do I need to switch my insurance coverage immediately?” “What is an umbrella policy?” “What exactly do these changes mean for me and my family?” Thankfully, Senior Insurance Specialist at Lifetime Insurance, David Lage was able to shed some light on this topic. During our recent interview, …

Navigating Your Financial Future: Estate Planning with Betsey Rubel

Lauren Kukawinski Tips for Your Money

It’s no question that COVID-19 has led to some uncertainty about the financial markets, the government, and our daily lives. Kennedy Financial Group Advisors, Brandon Kennedy and Steven Fronrath, and Estate Planning Attorney, Elisabeth J. Rubel sat down recently to provide some clarification regarding these matters . Why is the market so crazy and what does it mean for me? …